Self-Love prescription – what self love means and how to do it.

Self-Love prescription – what self love means and how to do it.

Self-Love prescription – what self love means and how to do it.

Written by Eugenia Nikiforow, Founder of MindFoodNess and Body Love Yoga.

If you want to give light to others, you need to glow yourself – Thomas S. Monson

As women we are naturally nurturing, caring and loving – towards others and not so much towards ourselves.

We know how to love our partner, our parents, our children, we even know how to love our boss or at least prioritize their needs to our own but when when it comes to loving ourselves, it is a big question mark.

“You have so much love in your heart, give some to yourself.” – r.z.

It seems to be so much easier to criticize ourselves, finding what is wrong with us or our body than being loving, kind and compassionate to ourselves.

Self-love seems to have a bad reputation; it is often described as selfish.

So, let’s take that bad association away from it and understand what self-love is. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary self-love or "love of self" is "regard for one's own happiness or advantage".

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it.

So, now we know that self-love is not bad, it is not selfish, it is a basic concept of considering our own happiness.

So the question is how to actually do it?

Self-love will mean something different to every person.

When doing my research how other people practice self-love, I have discovered some very similar points and suggestions. Here is my take on it.

1. Do something you love every day.

It can be something very very little such as having 5 minutes stillness in the morning. Just you, your thoughts and your intentions for the day. Think about how you want to feel this day, what would your ideal self do? Maybe your intention will be not to judge yourself and be very kind to yourself. On some days self-love might mean to do some stretching, yoga, going for a walk, having a hot bath. Basically, do something that feels good to you, not to someone else, just you.

2. Unplug.

Unplug the phone, your computer, maybe even TV and just read a book, paint, do sudoku, have a cup of tea watching the clouds and the sky.

When we unplug from the technology, we can re-connect with ourselves and get grounded. It helps us to feel our own feelings and emotions. Re-connecting with ourselves allows us to respond to our needs and desires instead of reacting to the stresses and pain we experience.

3. Re-connect with the nature

This is my favorite. The nature is amazing. Feeling the wind on our skin, listening to the sound of the leaves on the trees or the waves crashing onto the shore, watching the birds flying in the sky. There is nothing like watching the nature to be in its natural rhythm. This is mindfulness – being in the present moment. Seeing, hearing, feeling, listening and observing what is happing in this moment. It allows us to slow down, feel less stressed and overwhelmed and find contentment in our life.

4. Stop comparing yourself with others.

Comparison is the killer of our pleasure and satisfaction. As soon as we compare ourselves with others, we feel inadequate, not good enough, not smart enough, not successful enough or not beautiful enough.

Next time you find yourself feeling terrible because you feel that other women have a better life, a happy relationship, the perfect body or more money, remember that you are perfect, your life is perfect the way it is. Remember that most people share their highlight of the week or the highlight of the day on social media and it doesn’t necessary represent their reality.

5. Do what you love more!

What lights you up? What makes you forget all your worries and your concerns? For me it is painting and tramping. I know that for some people it is doing Sudoku, reading, going for a run, drawing or just having a chit chat with the bestie.

When was it the last time you did something you really love? Try to integrate that into your weekly schedule. Include more time doing things you love so that you can forget the world for a moment and experience joy of life.

6. What would your guru tell you?

I seriously love this one. In moments when I get hard on myself and I am too much in my own head, I ask myself what would Tony Robbins tell me to do? What would Marie Forleo do in this situation? What Little Budha quote would resonate with me? Thinking about what other people would say, helps me to create perspective and take the right action to get out of my negative mindset.

Be your own coach.

And if you would like to have support from a professional to create more self love and have a kinder and better relationship with yourself, contact Eugenia to find out how she can support you.

Eugenia is a Business Psychologist, a Body and Mind transformation Expert, Nutrition and Mindfulness Coach and a yoga teacher. Eugenia specializes on supporting women to overcome emotional eating and binge eating and heal their relationship with food and body so that they find joy in eating, love their body, experience more energy, live an extraordinary life and never diet again!

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Posted: Thu 10 May 2018